Euroports Succeeds by Investing in the Future

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Euroports Finland Oy offers comprehensive port services as a reliable maritime logistics partner.

Together with its customers, Euroports invests in sustainable growth and development. Euroports is one of the leading providers of international supply chain solutions in the maritime industry. Euroports strives to be the most reliable and efficient logistics operator in Finland.

Euroports Rauma is an expert in handling forest industry products such as paper, pulp, wood, fertiliser and minerals.

– The port of Rauma is the largest paper export port in Finland. It is also the third-largest container terminal in Finland and the largest container terminal on the west coast. Paper and pulp make up over 60% of the total volume of products handled by Euroports, says Janne Virta, the Business Development Director of Euroports Finland Oy.


In addition to Euroports, Rauman Satama Oy and the Finnish Transport Agency have also made investments in the port of Rauma.

– So far, the container terminal quay has been expanded to over 500 metres, the Rauma channel has been dredged to 12 metres, and the quay expansion has been completed, says Virta.

The new “Post Panamax” crane, which has been the largest investment so far, has enabled the loading and unloading of larger vessels. The crane was commissioned in May 2018.

– All these investments have enabled the efficient handling of larger feeder vessels, supporting our approach to resource and energy efficiency and sustainability, says Virta.

Every year, four million euros is invested in other port equipment (including approximately 250 different machines). The environment is always taken into account in the investments.

– All the machine and equipment power sources meet the emission standards set by the EU. Our mobile cranes can be electrically operated. In addition, we actively follow the technological development of electric forklifts and research the use of biofuels and LNG, says Virta.

Efficient energy consumption can be achieved by updating the lighting in the warehouse facilities. – The light bulbs will be replaced with LED lamps. Lighting has a major impact on energy consumption, says Virta.

– We have also undertaken a project exploring new uses for solar energy. The research project is part of the SATAMARI project and is carried out in collaboration with the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The research will be completed by the end of 2018, says Virta.


Traffic 2017

Exports: 3,890 kt
Imports: 1,042 kt
Domestic traffic: 167 kt
Container traffic: 278,000 TEU
Turnover: 70 million euros
Staff: 500

Euroports Rauma Oy

Address: P.O.Box 68 (Hakunintie 23), FI-26101 Rauma, Finland
Telephone: +358 2 83121

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