A World-Class Bioeconomy System for the World

Photo: Raumaster

Raumaster Oy is a world-leading supplier of material handling systems and equipment in the wood processing and energy industry.

The company provides customized solutions for forest chemistry, pulp production, bioenergy and waste to energy plants. The material handling systems used in bioeconomy represent process-integrated clean technologies. These innovative systems offer a solution for reliable and sustainable material handling.


– Designing material handling systems requires comprehensive planning which aims at the efficient use of energy and materials and minimal life-cycle costs. Our systems enable our bioproduct customers to reduce material wastage, explains CEO John Bergman.

Raumaster’s customers use various renewable resources in their processes, from Finnish spruces to palm trees, recycling materials and biosludges. The company has supplied material handling systems, for example, for the gasifiers and boilers at OKI Pulp, the world’s largest bioproduct mill in Indonesia.


High quality is also maintained by investing in personnel.

– Raumaster is experiencing strong growth, so talented, motivated and innovative engineers are always welcome, explains Bergman.

The company promotes lifelong learning and education, and offers career development opportunities for its employees.

– Our personnel consists of employees in different career stages, from students and newly graduated engineers to experienced professionals, says Bergman.

According to the values and ethical principles outlined in Raumaster’s code of conduct, the company is committed to operating in accordance with the sustainability principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

– We are strongly involved in developing cleantech technologies. We want to commit ourselves to environmentally friendly and ethical values, and to conduct our operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment and our employees, states Bergman.


Industry: Material handling systems and equipment
Primary market area: Global market
Founded: 1984
Turnover: Over 100 million euros
Staff: Approx. 350

Raumaster Oy

Address: Nortamonkatu 34, FI-26100 Rauma, FINLAND
Telephone: +358 2 837 741

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 Writer: Suvi Hirvi / Photo: Shutterstock