Metsä Group – Forerunner in Bioeconomy

Photo: Metsä Fibre Oy

Metsä Group Rauma mill is a great example of sustainable use of resources.

Raw materials are used efficiently in the manufacture of bioproducts at Rauma.

– When pines and spruces are processed in the pulp mill, the whole log is utilised. Softwood pulp and other top-quality bioproducts are manufactured from the raw material logs, says mill manager Ari-Pekka Vanamo.

Softwood pulp is used as a raw material in the manufacture of paperboard, tissue, printing paper, and specialty products. The pulp mill at Rauma produces also biochemicals, pine oil and turpentine that are refined further into materials of various end-products for different industries.

The electricity and heat that the mill produces are also bioproducts.

– The Rauma mill is one of Finland’s most over self-sufficient pulp mills. The mill is generating all the energy it requires, and the produced surplus energy is utilised in society and elsewhere in manufacturing industry, says Vanamo.

By-products of pulp production, bark and wood dust, are utilised as bioenergy.


The Rauma mill that belongs to Metsä Group’s Metsä Fibre division utilises the best technology available.

– From the perspective of bioeconomy, the production process represents sustainable technology that does not produce waste that should be taken to a landfill. Ash, lime and sludge that were previously considered as waste are now utilised in soil enrichment, for example, Vanamo says.

In addition to pulp fibre, biochemicals and bioenergy that we produce at Metsä Group Rauma mill, we also provide services and expertise that support customers’ competitiveness and allow them to maximise the benefits of using bioproducts.

Achieving our goals at Rauma mill requires high levels of safety in everything we do.

– Our target is to have zero accidents at work, which concerns not only our own staff but also every contractor working at the mill. We use a comprehensive safety management system that is based on preventive work, and it has led to great results. Preventive safety work and entire staff’s abiding commitment are the cornerstones of safety management, says Vanamo.


Industry: Forest industry
Production: ECF bleached softwood pulp 650 000 tons/year.
Primary market area: Finland, China and Europe
Staff: 120 personnel

Metsä Group Rauma pulp mill

Address: P.O. Box 165, FI-26100 Rauma, FINLAND
Telephone: +358 1046 68999

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