Artificial Intelligence Can Help Find the Right Talent

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Education and work experience are important factors in the recruitment of trained personnel. Artificial intelligence helps to connect the right people to the right positions

Satakunta-based company Enersense International Oyj’s mission is to drive industrial competitiveness and growth. This autumn, Enersense is adding artificial intelligence to its operations to optimise the company’s recruitment processes.

– Work in the industrial sector is often project-based. Sometimes projects require twice the amount of resources than expected. This is where optimisation becomes undeniably important. Companies need to optimise their resources in order to remain competitive. Our job is to help the company with this optimisation. We can provide companies with additional resources when they need them, says Juha Harttunen, Director of Communication at Enersense.

In practice, this means that Enersense helps industrial companies to acquire additional resources. Artificial intelligence steps into the picture in the early stages of the recruitment process.

– The most important experience comes from working, and education is important as well. At the beginning of the recruitment process, artificial intelligence combines data on an individual’s education and work experience in order to identify suitable candidates. The recruitment process becomes more efficient when a recruiter is only needed for carrying out interviews and the assessment of applicants.


Employee engagement is also undergoing significant change.

– Life-long employment with one employer is becoming less common. People are increasingly prepared to quit their job for another position, or even to move to another city or country for work. People want to gain experience from different fields and positions, says Harttunen.

This means that attitudes toward agency-hired labour are also changing.

– The nature of the employee’s contract is no longer that important to companies. Everyone is treated in the same way.

In addition to providing resources, Enersense operates in two other business domains. The engineering and manufacturing business unit focuses on the manufacturing and surface treatment of large steel structures, such as ship hulls. The digital solutions and services business unit, on the other hand, has developed an E-sense software platform for managing projects and related resources.

– The end of the year will bring something new to this sector as well. We intend to launch the E-sense 3 version by the end of the year. The new version will enable us to leverage new digital technologies, says Harttunen.


Industry: Energy, construction and shipbuilding
Primary market area: Finland
Turnover: 47 million euros (2017)
Staff: Approx. 662 (2017)

Enersense International Oyj

Address: Konepajanranta 2, 28100 PORI, FINLAND
Telephone: +358 2 633 7722
Sales: +358 10 2926 237

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