The Medieval Atmosphere in Old Rauma

Writer: Suvi Hirvi / Photo: City of Rauma

Old Rauma is the largest preserved wooden district in the Nordic countries. The oldest parts of some buildings are from the 18th century, and the urban structure dates to the Middle Ages.

The Old Rauma wooden town consists of narrow, winding streets lined with little shops, cafés and restaurants. The district is unique and protected by its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Strict guidelines define how the buildings should be restored.

Old Rauma consists of 600 wooden buildings that house approximately one hundred commercial premises. In addition, 800 people live in the idyllic old town.

– The district features beautiful fences, sheltered courtyards and gates that lead into beautiful cafés, describes Rauma’s Tourist Information Officer Jenna Ylipuranen.

Rauma’s modern centre is located right next to Old Rauma and its small shops. Short distances make Rauma a very practical city to live in – you can get everywhere quickly on a bike. English-language services are easy to find, since foreign workers are a familiar sight in the city.

– Service Point Pyyrman is an especially good place to visit if you need information or guidance concerning the city, mentions Ylipuranen.

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 Writer: Suvi Hirvi Photo: vJAG_CZ / SHUTTERSTOCK.COM