Shipyard Under the Umbrella of Maritime Network

Photo: Rauma Marine Constructions

If you put together around 500 people, technology-based, multi-talented peoples´ shipyard company and high-tech know-how, what you get is a concept that Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) is leading.

– We lead a large network of people and companies that have been selected for specific shipbuilding projects, states Jyrki Heinimaa, the President and CEO of RMC.

One important aspect is always present in managing and selecting partners:

– The companies involved in our projects are “like-minded”, willing to work towards common goals and to make the cooperation work. The competition is tough – a coherent network is the strongest.


RMC has newbuilding projects of ferries and specialized vessels for governmental authorities and conversion projects such as lengthening of research vessels for the Finnish government.

– This summer we have completed our first newbuilding project for a Danish shipping company, Heinimaa says.

The project was a success, showing the way to the future and defined a good baseline for the network model RMC is developing.

– We have a clear vision of our role as the leader of a professional network including all the responsibilities that we need to manage while orchestrating the supply chain, Heinimaa says.

To complement the newbuilding projects, RMC envisions to be a service centre and a maintenance pit-stop for ships. For this purpose, RMC plans to upgrade their service package to even better meet the needs of the customers.


Within the past year and a half, RMC has doubled their workforce.

– We will continue to grow. However, our profile will not match the one of traditional shipyard industry. We are technology-based, multi-talented peoples´ company focusing on areas with high degrees of know-how, Heinimaa explains.

This leaves room for the companies to do what they do best. It also leads the way to the leading position that RMC’s predecessor, Rauma Shipyard, once had.

– RMC was founded in 2014 thus giving a new start to continue an old story. Our goal is to gain back the position as the global leader of shipyard industries in ferries, Heinimaa concludes.


Industry: Ship building
Primary market area: Ferry building for European customers and Ice strengthened specialised vessels for governmental authorities such as the Finnish navy
Turnover: ca. 50 M€
Staff: ca. 90 (about 500 when network partners are included).

Rauma Marine Constructions

Address: PL 55, Suojantie 5, FI-26101 Rauma, Finland
Telephone: +358 30 600 5400

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